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Our Reopening!

  • 2020-06-08



Hurray ! We had an announcement today from our government that we can finally reopen our Studio, next week. We look forward to seeing you at last but this announcement gives us anxiety as well,  knowing that we will not be able to accommodate you all in the first days, even the first weeks. Know that you are all equally important in our eyes and we will try to maximize our hours so that we can serve as many of you as possible. This is why for the first month only, we will not do any styling following your appointments (exceptions if you have a special occasion such as a  wedding ...).


We only have a few days to organize schedules and our lounge to meet the standards of the Ministry of Health. Know that we will take these standards very seriously in order to offer you an appointment in a very safe environment. We will have a station at the entrance with a hand sanitizer as well as a form to fill out. Wearing a mask is highly recommended for all clients with an appointment. At the reception, we will have a protective glass, and plastic curtains thus separating the sinks and the stations in order to better protect you. Our employees will use the mask and / or visor and their hairdressing station will be disinfected between each client. We hope that these measures put in place will reassure you.


The way that Studio Shanthaly decided to operate for the appointment booking will be as follows:

Since there is no one in the salon to answer the phone right now, we ask that you contact us by email at

In this email, leave us 

  • your name as well as all your contact details (email, cell, home phone, etc.), 

  • your availability (Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Thursdays after 5 p.m.),

  •  the type of services (cutting, colouring, sweeping, highlights ...) 

  • and what is the name of your hairdresser or your preferences (Natasha, Anik, Sara-Michèle, Roxanne, Nathalie and Chantale). Note that Alexandra will not be back due to her childbirth which is fast approaching !

Following the reception of your email, we will add your name and all of your information to our list.

Be patient because you will not receive an answer speedily because Samanta, our coordinator, will have to make all these future appointments and patch them up, just like a puzzle, in order to maximize the hours and accommodate the most clients possible. In the coming days, our stylists will also be able to confirm their availability for the coming weeks, since they too, following this sudden announcement, must organize their schedules on a personal level (daycare, etc.).

When we have done this, we will contact you by email giving you your date and time of your appointment. This will be your reservation. Then, email us confirming that you will be present at this appointment.

If you have to cancel this appointment, we ask you for a minimum delay of 48 hours in order to be able to give your appointment to someone else.


Please be aware that we are making every effort to please and accommodate as many of you as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, it will be impossible to satisfy you all in the next two weeks. We ask for your patience, your good humour and your understanding towards our Samanta (your favourite coordinator!) So that this whole process proceeds in a positive and friendly way!


Glad to see you soon,


Nathalie et Chantale

Studio Shanthaly


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